The Saint-Petersburg State Academical Artistic Lyceum after the name of B.V. Iohanson of the Russian Academy of Arts

- it is an establishment of the secondary (full) education with an artistic direction and 12-years education. After graduading from this Lyceum pupils pass the State certification and a qualification ian't given them. An artistic training gives the graduading students an apportunity of the eneryng the Institute after the name of I.E.Repin and other art institutes ofhigher education. Students don't receive the scholarship.

The education in the Lyceum is held in 3 parameters: pictorial , sculptorial and architectonic. An admission to the pictoria; section is carryed out into the 6th, 7th and 8th classes. The admission to the sculptural group - into the8th class; into the architectonic - into the 10th and 11th classes.

An application about the admission to the entrance exams is put in for the principal in accordance with a set form.

There must be the following documents with an application:

1. Autobiography

2. 2 photographs

3. School progress record

4. The certificare of health of the form 286.

5. Copy of the birth-certificate

6. Art works: picture, painting, composition, modelling(for intrant students to the sculptural group)

On the basis of the presented works and documents the Entrance examination solves a question about the possibility of the permit on the entrance exams.

The receiving of works and documents is realized till the 12th of July.

The entrance exams are held since the 17th of June.

Students admited to the Lyceum must give the following documents till the 1th of Septemer:

1.Certificate from the place of living

2. Parents' reference about the appointment and salary

3. Personal file from school where student studyed earlier.

The tutorial about admission is held during the all school year. There are paying access courses in the Lyceum. Foreigns can send the documents and works (parcels for each) by post till the 1st of Lune.

The works sent to the Entrance examination won't be sent back. They can be be received personally since the 24th till the 30th of July or since the 1st of Seprember till the 1st of October.

Foreign students, passing the exams and admited to the Lyceum, are offered a place in the boarding-school. Parents aren't allowed to live in the boarding-school.

The exams for intrant pupils to 6th and 7th classes of the pictorial group:

1.Picture: still life with plaster geometrical figure -- 6 hours.

2.Painting: still life, paper, water-colours - 6 hours.

3.Composition: sketch on the given theme, paper, water-colours - 4 hours,

(for sculptors) loam , plasticine - 5 hours.

The exams for intrant pupils to 10th and 11th architectonic group:

1.Picture: still life with plaster capital (10th class), a plaster head(11th class) - 8 hours.

2.Painting : still life of common domestic things, paper, water-colours - 8 hours.


The education is held in the Russian language. The education for russian citizens is free. The education for foreigns is paying on tne contract basis. The charge for the educaion -- $2000 per year for students studying at 6th-8th classes, $3000 per year for students studying at 9th-12th classes.

In view of the growing of the cost for the education a paymen for the education can be revised.

If student knows the russian language not enough the administration can choose a class for that student to start the education (for learning the language).

We will be glad to answer all your questions. You can write to

Our address: 17-a, Detskaja street, Saint-Petersburg, 199106, Russia

Tel: 322-40-39

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