In 1934 the first 'School of the Yuong Talants' in the country was opened in the building of the Russian Academy of Arts. In 1936 this School became the Middle Art School (MAS) and in December , 1992, it was reformed into thr Lyceum. Nowadays there are 3 sections in the Lyceum: pictorial, sculptural and architectonic. Children study from 6th to 12th classes. Children from other cities and countries live in the boarding-school during the period of education. Teaching is proceeded by highly qualified specialists. In their time the professors from the Academy of Arts, the most famous artists, were teachers in this School: K.N.Lepilov, A.D.Zaicev, S.G.Nevelshtein, S.A.Obugov, V.A.Gorb, L.F.Ovsjannikov, P.S.Naumov, P.P.Kazakov, A.A.Troshichev and others. Among the students and the graduates of the School there are such famous artists as: Anikushin M.K., Tulin Y.N., Levitin A.P., Podljassky Y.S., Vetrogonsky V.A., Zaghonek V.F., Oboznenko D.G., Kabachec L.V., Kerbel L.E., Glazunov I.S., Neizvestny E., Eremin A.G., Shemjakin M., Krestovsky J.I., Korolev A. And many, many others. Since the 50s MAS has become well-known all over the world owing to its pupils' participating indifferent exhibitions and contests of children's artistic works in France, Italy, India, Burma, Canada, Australia, Germany. The School, and now Lyceum, today continues an active exhibition and competitive activity. On the basis of the Lyceum the International Yuothful Aristic contest after the name of I.E.Repin has been held for 5 years already. The Lyceum stands on the strong way of developing of the Russian classical legasy, the way of using the best realistic traditions of the academical school and the world art. The graduating students of the MAS work not only in Russia. Perhaps there is not such a country where our former pupils, who carry the foundations of our school, our artistic education to the whole world.

The school superintendent,
the member of the Russian Academy of Arts,
the Honoured artist of the Russian Federation,
L.N. Kirillova.