This list includes only those catalogues and anthologies which are still available for sale from M.K. Publishers

Mikhail Karasik. Lithographed Publications
. I. D. Sytin Publishers Exhibition Centre – Union-Gallery, Moscow. St Petersburg, 1992. 16 pp., illustrations. In Russian, with an English summary
                                                                                     Price: € 4

The Bibliophile’s Book in Russia, 20th Century.
St Petersburg, 1994. In Russian with a German summary.
Part 1: The Bibliophile’s Book in Russia During the First Third of the 20th Century. Catalogue to the exhibition based on material from the collection of the Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House, St Petersburg. 79 pp., 26 colour, 27 b/w illustrations.
Part 2: Mikhail Karasik. Lithographed Books. 32 pp., 13 colour, 3 b/w illustrations.

                                                                                     Price: € 12

Kharmsizdat Presents.
Anthology: Investigations, Essay, Exhibition Catalogue “Daniil Kharms and the Modern Russian Artist’s Book”, Bibliography.
St Petersburg: M.K.-Kharmsizdat, 1995, 130 pp., 61 b/w illustrations. In Russian
                                                                                     Price: € 15

BOOKCAMERA or The Book and The Elements.
Anthology. Exhibition Catalogue. St Petersburg: M.K. Publishers, 1997, 160 pp., 76 b/w illustrations. In Russian with an English summary.
The first part includes articles on outstanding experimental publishers, the influence of the elements on the fate and aesthetics of the book and on the book itself, as an elemental part of creativity, on books in the system of contemporary aesthetic values, books as a plastic form of art.
The second part is the catalogue of the exhibition “BOOKCAMERA or
The Book and The Elements” held in the Anna Akhmatova-Museum in the Fountain House, St Petersburg, 1997

                                                                                     Price: € 12

Kharmsizdat Presents SOVIET EROS.
1920s-1930s. Anthology. St Petersburg: M.K.-Kharmsizdat, 1997, 144 pp., 44 b/w illustrations.
In Russian with an English summary
Under Soviet rule eroticism was a taboo subject. The semi-naked body of Homo sovieticus could be seen only at military parades, festivals of physical exercise, during heroic feats at the work front, and at sanatoria and resorts. Under Stalin sensuality of any kind had to have a class or ideological character; its only use was as an instrument of education, and unifying factor, for both workers and the main unit of socialist society – the family. This collection includes material on sensual culture (Soviet eros) in the theatre, in garden and park art, and in book illustrations, film, and literature.
                                                                                     Price: € 35

Kharmsizdat Presents AVANT-GARDE BEHAVIOUR.
Anthology. St Petersburg: M.K.-Kharmsizdat, 1998, 192 pp., 38 b/w illustrations. In Russian
A collection compiled on the basis of material used at Kharms-Festival 4 (academic conference, St Petersburg, 1998). Includes a reprint edition of A. Kruchenikh’s book of poetry LAKIROVANNOE TRIKO (“Varnished Tricot”, Tiflis, 1919), articles on the avant-garde behaviour of the Russian Futurists, and material on Daniil Kharms. This book represents the first attempt to study avant-garde behaviour as an independent form of art.
                                                                                     Price: € 25

The Artist and The Book in Russia 1910 – 1930 … Russian Artist’s Book 1990 – 2000. ART Frankfurt, 2000. 70 pp. b/w illustrations. In German and Russian. — Catalogue in catalogue: 9. Jahresschrift für Künstlerbücher und Handpressendrucke (IAKH). Leipzig: Edition Lebensretter, 2000
                                                                                     Price: € 17

Michail Karasik. ein buch für sich selbst.
Galerie Christoph Dürr, München. München - St. Petersburg, 2000. 32 pp., b/w illustrations. In German. Appendix: colour lithograph by M. Karasik
                                                                                     Price: € 20

Mikhail Karasik. New Works.
Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow. Moscow -
St Petersburg, 2001. 8 pp., colour illustrations. In English
                                                                                     Price: € 3

BOOKCAMERA or The Book and The Elements.
Contemporary Russian Artists’ Books. The Second North-German Hand Press Fair, Hamburg, 2001. St Petersburg: M.K. Publishers, 2001. In German
                                                                                     Price: € 7

DEMOB ALBUM — Russian Art Brut.
Anthology, Exhibition catalogue. Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House, St Petersburg, 2001. St Petersburg: M.K. Publishers, 2001. 84 pp., b/w illustrations. In Russian with an English summary. Demob “culture” is one of the most consistent manifestations of army life, born as part of certain rituals and yet forming an independent genre which is something akin to folk art in its variety and mass nature. The Demob Album long ago outgrew the bounds of standard subcultures, and it not only expresses the tastes of a large part of the male contingent of society, but is the main form of creativity accessible in the army. Today, when the armed forces are forced to conduct military movements in the hotspots of the former Union, when it has ceased to be a peacetime army, the role of the Demob Alvum has changed. The desire of publishing houses and the high-ups of the army to unify the very form of the album, to make it a printed, typographically prepared product, regimented in theme and design, unavoidably turns it into an ordinary form of document recording army service.
                                                                                     Price: € 15

OT’TISK Imprint. Annual Almanac of Printed Graphic Art.
St Petersburg: M.K. Publishers, 2001. 56 pp., b/w illustrations + 11 pages of original graphics. In an edition of 150 numbered and signed copies. In Russian and English.
                                                                                     Price: € 150